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Wave understands the importance of being a good steward of the earth and the environment we all live and work in. We believe it is our responsibility to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives. We are proud to lead our industry on issues of sustainability and we do so by providing LEED training to our Designers and Project Managers. Our world headquarters is in a Gold Leed certified building. Our office is a living lab to illustrate to clients some of the industry’s best practices in light harvesting, and reduction of office waste through our comprehensive recycling program. The utilization of raised flooring with reusable, modular walls and plug and play data allows us to quickly reconfigure our office space without construction waste.

Our Strategy
For each Wave project, we strive to collect and disposed of all waste in an environmentally appropriate manner. Our installation crews are instructed to dispose of product wrappings, cardboard and wooden pallets through a managed recycling process whenever possible. We arrange for blanket wrapped chair shipments for large projects that can ship directly to the job site. This adds up. Every year Wave removes or eliminates more than 50 tons of cardboard packaging materials, and hundreds of pounds of aluminum and from the waste stream. We encourage ride sharing among employees eliminating traffic, fuel consumptions and carbon emissions.

Manufacturer Partnerships
Wave is committed to reducing our environmental impact by partnering with manufacturers that actively contribute to sustainable manufacturing and business practices. Our preferred line of furniture, Haworth, offers a myriad of sustainable, adaptable solutions that support building and interior design. Products such as raised flooring and movable walls make office changes easier, less costly, and result in less waste for a lower impact on the environment. Office furnishings are Green Guard, SCS, MBDC, or Cradle to Cradle certified; contributing points toward LEED certification while improving the quality of interior workspaces and supporting the environment. Haworth is devoted to sustainable design, organic workspaces, and workspace functionality. With a new corporate headquarters that earned LEED-NC Gold Certification, Haworth is living proof of the beauty, functionality, and benefits of sustainable solutions. Click here to learn more about Haworth's innovative approach to sustainability. Additionally, many of the over 300 manufacturers we represent also offer solutions that contribute to LEED certification and other sustainable, green objectives.

Sustainable Furniture Programs
In addition, Wave provides services that can extend the life of your initial furniture investment. The manufacturers we specify, deliver, install and maintain are quality made, durable products that last longer, therefore our customers keep the products longer - keeping waste out of landfills every year. Our Sustainable Furniture Services include: • Refurbishing / Re-upholstery • Maintenance / Refinishing • Inventory Analysis / Utilization • Cleaning and Fabricoating • Rental Furniture Programs • Furniture End-of-Life programs • Furniture Brokering

2015 Sustainability Report
Haworth's 2015 Sustainability report outlines a clear vision for the company and the major success achieved over the past year. Wave and Haworth believe in leaving the world a little cleaner.